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Annoying Behavior – What to Do About It

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We all have times when someone else’s annoying behavior becomes more than we can stand. If there is someone in your life who annoys you because you perceive they won’t step up and carry their fair share of the load, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I not stepping up in some are of my life? It probably won’t be the same situation, but something completely different.
  • How is it serving me that this person isn’t carrying their load?

At first blush you may think neither of these apply to you, but if you look closely and self-reflect, there will be some area (however small it may be) where you’re not stepping up.

And there will be some way in which what they’re doing is serving you. Maybe because they don’t do their part, you have more control of what happens cause you can do it your way. Or maybe it gives you something to gripe about and makes you feel self-important or superior.

These are hard questions. But true self-reflection and seeing these areas clearly helps you either

a) be grateful for things the way they are or
b) allows this dynamic to drop out of your life.

Give it a try. This always works for me. Whatever is annoying me badly about another person is something I’m doing on some level.

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