Priorities And The Only Two Things That Last

I’ve lost a lot over the last 5 years — a thriving business, two homes, a gorgeous piece of property I dreamed over and planned over, a couple husbands, and my sweet mother. I’ve endured 2 big heartbreaks. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to start over in a 5 year period. My priorities are getting a lot clearer.

I’ve come to understand a lot about what really matters in life. There is one constant … my testimony of Jesus Christ and His love for me. That is the ONLY foundation I have left to stand on. But it is a firm foundation — one on which I can never fall.

I also have an acute awareness that people are a lot more important than things. I’ve always said I’m a “people collector” and that’s probably why losing people cuts me so deeply.

It’s ironic that the same person who would lament for years over a lost tool would flick a person away as if she were no more than a piece of lint on his clothes.

Priorities are so important in life.

There are really only two things we can take with us from this realm — the loving relationships we’ve forged and the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gained.

As my friends from church in the valley are fond of saying “I never saw a hearse pulling a u-haul.”