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Claiming Blessings – It’s About Time!

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I’ve owned this property that borders the Chickamauga Creek for 20 years this December. Today was the first day I’ve actually put my feet in the water. I’ve been a bit slow claiming blessings that God obviously wanted me to receive!

moonlight reflecting off the creek

The embankment was high and overgrown, and my boyfriend cleared a trail for me.

Makes me wonder how many blessings have been right within my grasp that I haven’t received because I thought they would be too much work. It only took us half an hour to clear this path.

It helps to have a trail-blazing companion who cares about you and wants you to experience the richness of life.

What blessings are an arms-length away for you? Check out what it would take to receive and enjoy them. It might not be as difficult as you think.

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