A Companion on the Adventure

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A man has entered my life who starts each day asking God what He should do. He listens for the answer and cheerfully does whatever he feels directed. Amidst God’s assignments, he finds a way to make me laugh, spontaneously dance with me, dive into deep conversations and constantly remind me that I am valuable and loved.

On multiple occasions as we’ve walked through the woods, he’s taken my hand and led me to a clearing. Each time I feel like Eve with her Adam, who has found her help-meet on the adventures of life.

He’s not perfect and neither am I. We occasionally have misunderstandings because we’re two different people. He’s quick to seek clarification, quick to create understanding and quick to apologize and set things right. He’s easy to love and generous with his praise.

He’s everything I ever asked for and more. He’s a man with vision, a heart to serve God and to be in the right place. He loves deeply and empathetically. If someone is suffering or struggling, he wants to find a way to help.

He’s a dynamic personality, larger than life, crazy fun and romantically deep. His passion for life is contagious. While he’s a bit older than me, most of the time I’m wondering how I’ll ever keep up with him.

Life has thrown me some curve balls that have left me a bit skeptical and cautious. He’s patient and offers me time. He understands that this new heart God began growing in me after Mama’s passing is still finding its bearings.

I have never met anyone so receptive to the Spirit. I can pray about something and the next day this man will say or do something that addresses my concern or answers my prayer.

Above all else, our hearts are aligned to the same trajectory… we both long to teach, write, speak, lift, build and serve those who have struggled, felt trapped, or have been demeaned, belittled or made to feel they don’t matter or that they don’t have a voice. We both love God’s children and we long to give them hope that God lives, that He loves them, that they matter, that their voice matters and the world needs them. No matter how dark the night or long the road, Christ is there through it all.

Both of our roads have been long and difficult but through it all God has been there, believing in us, helping us. Through this whole surprising process I have learned even more that I AM that I AM is there. I believe HE is there for us more often than we think HE can or will be, but when we look for Him, He will show up for us.

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