Day 19 Traveling Light: All For a Reason

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Today was one of those days when you realize why you are where you are — and it’s not the reason you thought you were. Today my grief is serving another. This morning, my best friend, Martina’s father died unexpectedly. He was only 62 and had not been ill. Imagine the grief and complete shock.

I’ve been staying with Martina for most of this trip. Being here with her at this time feels like no coincidence. ┬áIt’s interesting that by this time in my trip, I expected to be staying with another friend, but it didn’t work out.

While Martina was meeting at the hospital with her family before the body was taken to the morgue, I felt drawn to go to the Bountiful temple. I had such a strong impression to go and pray for Martina and each of her family members and ask what I could do to be of service.

By the time I came out, I had some clear instructions on what I could do to help and began acting on them on the way home. For example, I knew that making meals would be difficult. When I lost my mother, the thought of eating anything mundane made me nauseous. If someone offered me some good food, I’d eat it, but if I had to make it myself or forage for a sandwich, I’d just as soon not eat.

I stopped at the store on the way home for some ingredients and made the family dinner. There were a few other things I felt impressed to do and was also given greater understanding as to why I am here at this time to serve her.

My experience in losing my own mother has helped me comfort my friend and know the little things that can mean a lot. I’m so grateful to be able to be here for my friend and offer what little comfort I can. In the end, nothing I do can take away the pain, the loss, or the shock. But, if I can lighten her load in the least, it will have been worth this entire trip.

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