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Autumn Leaves: Your Deceased Loved One Is Everywhere

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Here’s something I’ve learned about losing someone you love since my mother died. Your loved-one shows up in the most unexpected moments, in a myriad of small ways and some big ones.

I hear my mother’s unique signature phrases on the lips of friends or complete strangers. I’ve seen her smiling face flash into my mind as I’ve sat in the temple. I felt her sitting beside me at last night’s concert at the North River Civic Center when they played “Autumn Leaves” (one of her favorites). Her presence was so close, I moved the program from the empty chair beside me and invited her to take a seat.

She’s in the air I breathe, in the music I hear, in the inspiration I feel, and in more ways and places than I can count. If you’ve lost someone close to you, open your heart and your eyes and gratefully acknowledge every single sign of them. They are with you… everywhere and always.

This Percy Faith version of Autumn Leaves is the version my mother listened to most.

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