Mentors: When the Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears

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On October 6, 2015 I posted this to my Facebook wall:

“I’ve taken the hero’s journey enough to know that when you have that unsettled feeling that everything is about to change but you’re groping for clarity in the dark, invariably life sends a mentor. It dawned on me this morning that it’s just about time for the mentor to enter the scene. Wonder who it will be. Excited to see….”

My husband replied “Yoda, I am.”

That was his call sign at work at the time. In retrospect I see now he was that mentor sent to help me let go of the past. Some of that he actively did by coaching me through letting go of my house and property and moving on to a new home and a new life. He also helped me see that while I had adequately grieved my first marriage, I had not grieved the loss of¬† (the big web site that I’d built my business around and then lost).

It’s ironic that he coached me through letting go when it was the single biggest thing he had trouble doing. His obsession with the past, old hurts, old things, old stories, people who had hurt him, resentment toward the Church, drama, etc made it impossible to build a future together.¬†In the end he taught me the biggest lesson in letting go — forcing me to release him and my mother simultaneously.

No mentor is without their human element. And that’s another thing he gave me the opportunity to experience — loving someone for everything they are. The light and shadows, the support and the challenge, the wisdom and the folly.

I had the opportunity to tell him recently, “You were a gift while I had you, and you’re a gift in letting me go. Thank you.”

I’m very fortunate he did learn to finally let something go. I was not meant to travel that path with him any longer. I’m glad he saw it even though I probably never would have.

I’m thankful for the mentors who helped me transition losing him and my mom. Big shout out to Jennifer Lamprey and Dr John Demartini’s priceless book The Breakthrough Experience.”

God has always been so generous to send me the right people at the right time with the right message. Cheers to the mentors!

Are you ready to release the past and move forward unencumbered?

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