my broken heart

My Broken Heart

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Life hacks: broken heart quotes, poem, broken heart falling apart, broken heart picturesWhen I was young I had big plans
For what I long to have.
I dreamed of love and starry nights
And long walks on the sand.

I thought life would be rosy
With much to look forward to.
But I kneel here now before You, Lord,
With just one thing in hand.

Here’s my broken heart, Lord.
It’s not much to look upon.
It’s shattered, worn and bleeding
But what you needed all along.

A broken heart, a contrite spirit
Is all that lives here now.
All pride is stripped away.
I’m left to trust you day by day.

I used to think I knew a thing or two
Back when I was young.
But now I know I don’t know much
Except I’m nothing without You.

Here’s my broken heart, Lord,
It’s not much to look upon.
It’s shattered, worn and softened
But what you wanted all along.

I’m not sure what you need this for
Or how you plan to use it
But, this old thing is all I am.
So take it, lead, I’ll follow.

Copyright 2017, Marnie L. Pehrson

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