God Bless the Oddballs

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I’ve noticed that there are those on the planet who like others to stay within certain zones of behavior that they consider “normal.” Those outside the zone are considered oddballs. For example, some people believe there’s a “normal” amount of friendliness, happiness, braininess, creativity, romanticism, helpfulness, spontaneity, etc.

freedom of expressionWhen someone they encounter is outside the “normal” parameters, say the person is “too happy” or “too creative” or “too friendly,” then they become suspicious, skeptical, perhaps even antagonistic.

Rather than take the time to get to know the person, they make snap judgments and look for reasons not to like the individual… After all, this person isn’t “normal,” so there must be something wrong with them. They’re “outliers” and “odd balls.”

I don’t know about you, but I adore the outliers and the odd balls. They add spice to life. I admire their audacity and their intense capacity to love, to create and to enjoy life in their own unique way.

They remind me that I need to embrace and express my own inner oddball.  They give me the courage to be myself regardless of what others think. God bless the outliers!

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