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Traveling Light Day 12-13: The Adjustment Bureau

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I spent the day Friday putting the finishing touches on the presentation and handouts for my two classes on Saturday. I taught “How to Sell More Books Online” and “Facebook Advertising Basics” in North Salt Lake.

The classes went well and I was able to record them. I kept forgetting to start the recording on the book class, but I got a good recording of the Facebook advertising class. I’m planning on offering it as an online training which I’ll have up shortly.

After my classes on Saturday, Martina and I watched The Adjustment Bureau starting Matt Damon. Martina and I saw it together at the theater when it first came out in 2011. We couldn’t believe it has been six years since then. We both love the movie and I definitely relate to it.

The main character is being kept apart from the woman he loves because the “Adjustment Bureau” thinks that if he’s with her, she’ll “be enough” for him. He won’t need to put himself out in front of audiences. be ambitions or eventually become President (like he’s destined to be) if he is with the girl.

I know when I was with my last husband, I felt like that relationship was “enough” for me. I had no desire to travel or speak or step outside my comfort zone because I was satisfied to be in a loving relationship where my emotional needs felt met. What happens when he’s gone? I feel the need to get out and speak and teach and travel again.

Sometimes it feels like “The Adjustment Bureau” said, “She’s playing small again, let’s get her out of this relationship.” Sigh… can I ever have a happy, fulfilling marital relationship AND fill the measure of my creation?

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