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Traveling Light Day 16: Book Coaching

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marnie and bonnie chadburn

Marnie and Bonnie Chadburn

I put the finishing touches on my flyers for the How to Sell More Books class I’ll be teaching at Tammy Ward’s Mastermind tomorrow. Then Martina dropped me off to make copies while she took her kids somewhere. Afterward we ran to Costco and back to her house.

This afternoon I had an in-person appointment with a book coaching client whom I’ve been working with by phone. Bonnie Chadburn is working through my Create A WOW book program. Bonnie’s writing a book to assist people who suffer from mental illness. So many people with mental illnesses succumb to suicide, and Bonnie’s goal is to stop that.

She and her husband are a delight. He sat in with the consult and it was wonderful getting to know both of them. Being the mother of a child with mental illness, Bonnie’s book is particularly intriguing to me. I’m grateful to play a small role in its development.


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