what kind of leader are you

Traveling Light Day 5: What Kind of Leader Are You?

I spent most of the day putting the finishing touches on my presentation and handouts for the classes I’m teaching Saturday. I will be teaching a class on transforming your troubles into thought leadership. The second class is about the online systems you need to get your holistic business or coaching/consulting practice online.

I came up with a fun quiz to help you discover what type of leader you are. Here are the five types of leaders I came up with…

  • Situational leader
  • Trusted Adviser (Connector)
  • Thought Leader (Communicator)
  • Tribal Leader (Community Builder)
  • Movement Leader (Change Maker)

Martina took me to make copies of my handouts and we ran a few errands. Then she treated me to dinner at Applebees with her amazingly beautiful and brilliant daughter Ariella. I just love Martina’s kids.

When we got back from dinner they watched a movie while I finished up a few things for my class.

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