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Traveling Light Day 6: Training, Pain, Joy and Family

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I had the opportunity to teach some brilliant people with important messages to share today. I taught two three hour classes in North Salt Lake with a 1.5 hour lunch break between:

  • Turn Your Troubles Into Thought Leadership: How to Create an Online Business Around Your Message
  • Simple Systems for Holistic Entrepreneurs and Light Workers to Succeed in Online Business

I had a great conversation with one of my students during the lunch break about the power of pain and how resisting pain actually prolongs it. I think one thing that has expedited my healing is allowing myself to immerse myself in the memories, embrace the pain, shed the tears, and see the blessings laced within the tragedy.

The joy in this process has been every bit as exquisite as the pain. It seems that pain hollows out a deeper crucible for joy.

I never thought such a thing would be possible, but through the grace and mercy of God. I’m so grateful for His healing in my life.

That's my boyMy son Joshua along with my son Elijah and Joshua’s fiance Talayna picked me up after the class and we grabbed some dinner at a drive through. Josh drove us to Boise, Idaho where we’ll be visiting with his son… my grandson Alexander … tomorrow for Father’s Day.

I’m really looking forward to that since I haven’t seen Alexander since he was a month old. That was two years ago this month.

His mother will be moving him to Canada soon so this is one of only two visits I’ll get to have with him before he leaves the country. I’m trying not to think about when or how I’ll ever get to see him again in person.


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