treasures of the heart

Treasures of the Heart

One of my favorite things to do is to listen to people’s lives, experience, and thoughts and relish in the treasures I find there. Hundreds, probably more like a thousand people, have shared with me a glimpse into their lives.

When they do I say something like, “Do you see the pattern here? Do you see the message? The wisdom? The amazing story?”

It is so obvious to me most of the time. If I ask the right questions and they are open with their answers, 15 minutes can reveal a lifeĀ message, a life’s work – a significant gem that they have right at their fingertips.

This morning as I was thinking about the man in my life, I pictured him going into a cave, which represented me and my life. He’s like a happy scavenger hunter. “Have you seen this? This is amazing! Have you seen this grace? This beauty? This is awesome! Have you seen this wisdom? Have you seen this strength? Do you have any concept of the depth of wonders you have here?”

Most of the time I chuckle, shake my head and admit I had no clue. I am amazed he sees me that way. Or I think “Yeah, I knew that old thing was in there, but no one else seemed to see or care about it. You really like that?” Or sometimes I know a talent is there, but I never dared show it to anyone else.

There’s something about this man that brings out aspects of me I never had the guts to reveal to anyone else. He makes me courageous. He makes me feel safe to be more vulnerable than I’ve ever been.

I picture him excitedly going from one shelf, bin or bucket to another, rummaging through this cave…. which I now realized is a treasure trove.

I wondered what made this possible. Then I remembered all those people whose treasures I’ve encountered and uncovered over the years. Perhaps in the karmic scheme of things, we want others to do for us what we’re doing for them. When we do, we unlock a door for it to happen in our own lives.

I also wonder how much of the wisdom, insight and understanding (aka treasures) are in this cave BECAUSE so many beautiful people have left pieces of themselves written upon my mind and heart. Their beauty lingers upon my soul.

I’ve spent a lifetime observing, aggregating, shuffling and organizing and creating new variations from everything I’ve gleaned from others and from life. Perhaps that is what he sees when he rummages through this treasure trove.

I would not be me without all of you who have left traces of your treasures upon my heart. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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