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Healing Through Writing

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Writing is very cathartic for me as you can tell from my posts. It probably seems weird that I’m posting so much of my personal path through pain, but people are telling me they are benefiting ¬†from my raw vulnerability. And if this mess I’m going through can help someone process their own pain, then there’s some meaning in the madness for me.

I’m aware that some people might not like what I’m saying. It might make them uncomfortable and some people may see me as mistaken in the way I’m handling things. That’s ok. They have every right to feel the way they do.

These posts aren’t for them. To be honest, they’re for me. They aren’t some cry for help from the public. It’s just how I process, and hopefully these posts are for someone out there who needs to know that their voice matters, that they aren’t alone, that there is hope even when crap happens.

I’m doing the best I can where I’m at. And that’s all you can do when you travel through hard times. I think the victory will be when I can keep reaching for God and keep getting back on my feet again.

I don’t feel God is leading me so much to a destination as to the person I’m becoming. I’m trusting that person is a daughter He can be proud of.

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