letting go of old stories

Letting Go of Old Stories

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Since my grandfather died in the 90’s I’ve had my grandmother’s china cabinet. I’ve moved it to from place to place and now it’s in my storage unit. I’ve told the story of Mamaw’s china cabinet many times over the years:

My grandfather didn’t like to spend any extra money on frills (or sometimes what a woman would consider basics). So my grandmother raised chickens and saved her egg money for that china cabinet and the entire dining room suite.

I let the table and chairs go years ago when they wore out from many, many dinners with 6 little ones. It’s not like I love the way the china cabinet looks. I’ve kept it purely for sentimental reasons.

A few days ago as I thought of how I would fit that china cabinet into my little two bedroom apartment on Saturday, a heaviness settled over me. The thought came, “It’s time to let that story go.”

I’m done with men who either don’t step up for me, don’t provide or invest in me. Yes, I’m a strong, independent woman. I can earn my own egg money. But the story of dysfunctional relationships is not one I want to carry into my future.

So I contacted my cousin and asked her if she, her sister or one of her girls might like to have Mamaw’s china cabinet. I still think the story is great. It shows Mamaw’s thrift, determination, ingenuity, and goal setting. It’s a wonderful story… it’s also a story about men and relationships that I personally need to let go.

Fortunately, my cousin has some space to store it and can keep it there until someone in the family decides they want it. What a great feeling!

This experience makes me ask myself, “What other stories am I hanging onto that I need to let go?”

Is there anything you need to let go of? Energy therapy has a been a big part of my journey with this. If you’re struggling to let things go — whether it be grief, loss, resentment, fear or old stories, consider an energy therapy session.

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