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Best Friends Forever

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My mother’s best friend Katie passed away a couple years before Mama. Katie could be described with one word — feisty. You always knew Katie’s mind and she was a staunch defender of her own. If you were one of her people she went to bat for you. Of course, Mama and all of her children were her “people.”

My mom, in contrast, was quiet, unassuming and gentile. She never wanted a fleck of fanfare made over her.

For years Williamson and Son funeral home, who handled Mama’s burial, has had a sign outside that announces the name of the deceased while the viewing and funeral is going on. Mama often said she did NOT want her name out there for all of Daisy to gawk at.

As luck would have it, the day before Mama’s viewing an elderly lady mowed down the sign with her car. She had no recollection of why or how she did it but sustained no injuries.

So our family theory is that Katie took care of that for Mama. She possessed that old woman’s body and took out that sign. Mama never would have done it for herself but Katie would have done it in a heartbeat.

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